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Outside Diameter
Inside Diameter
P = Headless Press Fit O.D. in    Lengths in I.D. in four place
H = Head Press Fit 64ths of 1"     16ths of 1" decimals weather
SF = Slip/Fixed Renewable (48 = 3/4")   (12 = 3/4") inch or metric.
F = Fixed Renewable
L = Liner Bushing
HL =  Head Liner Bushing
U = Unground
C = Carbide
Bushings are typically ordered by using the part number structure shown above.  If you are not sure of the bushing dimensions that will fill your needs start with the inside diameter and review the O.D. and lengths available in the catalog pages 6 through 20.  Please feel free to call if there is any way we can help you find the right bushing.
Carbide Bushings add "C" in front of the Type code, ie, CH-64-12-.5000
Titanium Nitride Bushings (TIN) add "T" in front of the Type code, ie, TH-64-12-.5000
Unground Bushings add "U" after the Type code, ie, HU-64-12-.5000
Metric Bushings add "M" after the Type code and then the metric sizes for O.D. and Length followed by the  I.D. size in metric  decimals.  Example: HM-42-25-30.00 is 42mm O.D., 25mm Long and 30mm ID.

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