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Selecting The Right Bushing

The Right Company

Thank you for your interest in National Bushing products. We are proud of our long heritage making quality bushings in the Chicago area since 1975. Our standard bushings are made of the finest E52100 aircraft quality steel. They have superior hardness and durability second to no other manufacturer. This catalog represents the standard bushings kept in stock for your convenience. We also keep an inventory of standard bushing blanks (soft bushings with no holes) for fast turn around on special orders.

We provide excellent customer service and technical assistance to provide you with the BEST product and the BEST price.

Now that you have selected the right company let us help you select the right bushing. The following summaries explain typical bushings and their applications along with other helpful hints and information. This catalog is easy to use. If you have any questions please call us Phone: 847-480-3030

Headless Press
Fit Bushing

Type P



Most popular and therefore the least expensive.

Typically for single stage drilling operations.

Permits close spacing in fixtures.

Mounts flush with the top of the fixture.

Available in finished ground O.D. or unground O.D. for custom grinding.

Leading end is ground undersize for easy, straight staring into the fixture.

The Right Bushing

There are several things to consider:

What is the bushing used for? Drill, reamer, tap.

How long is the production run? Standard bushings are most popular but you should consider carbide bushings or non-abrasion coatings such as Titanium Nitride (TIN).

Size? I.D., O.D. and length.

Clearance? When determining the length be sure to consider chip clearance. See page 4.

Special Requirements? Special I.D. or O.D. sizes, special head sizes or body lengths.

Type of bushing? Whether the bushing needs to be removed during the operation or replaced often are important considerations.

The following pages will help you decide which bushing is right for you. The part number is not necessary to place an order. Just tell us what you need and we will do the rest.

Head Press Fit
Type H

Type “H” bushings are “P” bushings with a head or shoulder added.

The head provides a little more bearing surface and prevents heavy axial loads from forcing the bushing through the fixture plate.

Flush mounting is possible by counterboring the fixture plate.

Available in finished ground O.D or unground for custom grinding.

Leading end is ground undersize for easy, straight starting into the fixture.


National Bushing believes that bushings should not be counterbored for most applications. The counterbore provides space for chips and debris to collect and tends to dull or chip the tools when the tool passes through the length of the bushing during each cycle of the operation. No-counterbore bushings are more difficult and more costly to make, but they are a better bushing. Counterbored bushings will be supplied at your request.

Slip/Fixed Renewable

Type "SF"

The “SF” bushing is designed to be two bushings in one.

As a “Slip” bushing it can be removed after the first operation to allow for the second operation such as reaming and tapping.

As a “Fixed” bushing it is held in place until it wears out and is replaced with a new bushing.

Normally “SF” bushings are used with liner bushings.

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