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Selection Tips

Fixed Renewable Bushing
Type F

Type “F” is the same bushing as an “SF” without the knurl on the head and with only the fixed notch for the lockscrew.

Fixed bushings are less costly.

Fixed bushings are a good choice for applications where the bushing is not removed for each cycle and the order quantity for each bushing size is greater.

Fixed bushings are not listed in this catalog; however, we do have limited stock and find this to be preferred by many customers. Use the “SF” data pages 14 –16 for size information.

Please call for more information.

Headless Press Fit
Liner Bushing
Type L

Shown here between the Fixed bushing and the fixture plate, the Headless Liner Bushing is much like the Type P bushing. It is pressed into a fixture plate to provide a permanent, precision location for Slip/Fixed or Fixed type bushings

Head Press Fit
Liner Bushing
Type HL

The “HL” liners are the same as the “L” liners with a head or collar at the top.

“HL” liners are used in applications where there is concern about axial load pushing the liner out of place in the fixture plate.

They are usually pressed into counterbored holes for flush mounting as shown above.

Gun Drill Bushings Type GD
Gun drills are used where maximum precision for long, deep holes is essential.
  • Types GD and GDX are single piece construction.
  • The other type of Gun Drill bushing is two piece construction. It consists of a Liner (GDL) and an Insert (GDI). The Insert can be removed from the Liner thus allowing for a range of I.D. sizes using the same Liner.
  • National can make special Gun Drill bushings to fit your exact requirements.

Oil Groove Bushings Type OG
Oil Groove Bushings provide lubrication or coolant directly into the bushing.
  • Used for drill lubrication or as a bearing.
  • Lubricant flows through the bushings to the grooves in the I.D. wall.
  • 25 oil groove styles are available; see page 21 for details.
  • Oil groove bushings are available headless and with heads.

Extended Range Bushings and Liners
These are bushings in sizes larger than ANSI or National standards. Available in P, H, SF, F, L and HL. Unground O.D.’s available for custom grinding.

Extra-Thinwall Bushings

Reduced wall thickness and head diameters save space. They are as durable as regular wall thickness bushings and are used where extremely close hole patterns must be accurately drilled. Available in Type P, H, F and SF. Note: Thinwall bushings are not necessarily round in the free state.

Tungsten Carbide Bushings

Carbide is extremely hard(Rc 78 – 80) and can last 50 times longer than conventional steel bushings. Carbide bushings are available in Type CP, CH and CS.

Titanium Nitride (TIN) Coated Bushings

TIN is a hard, non-abrasion type coating that is yellow in color. It is a good alternative to carbide extending the life of the bushing without the cost of carbide.

Special Bushings and Other Products

Special bushings range from modified standard bushings typically I.D., O.D. or length changes, to bushings that are custom designed for your application. We offer a wide range of materials such as brass, aluminum and plastic.

We also manufacture special non-bushing items such as shafts, tool holders, rest bottoms and pins per your specifications. Please call for information.

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